New to Running a WiFi Hotspot?

Why More People Choose Antamedia Self-Brandable WiFi Software “Hotspot”


More Customers, More Loyalty, More Profit

Adding one or more WiFi hotspots to your business, or even as a standalone enterprise, is far more profitable than your competitors realize.

If they got there first, it’s time to catch up!

The rise of WiFi capable cell phones, affordable laptops and the popular new “netbooks”, mean we’ve never been more connected. In your customer’s connectivity chain you’re a broken link without a hotspot, so why do many companies hesitate?

Today the growing demand is huge and starting your own WiFi point is no longer the technical challenge it used to be. Antamedia’s Hotspot software makes it easier than it’s ever been to make the connection between your customer’s enthusiasm, the Internet and your bottom line.

With the ability to offer flexible free or premium services in the same venue, almost any public-facing business like yours can benefit. Some entrepreneurs build thriving businesses without any public premises at all, simply by using Antamedia to supply WiFi hotspots to other companies!


Hands Free And Scalable At Your Own Pace

It’s a great business to get into and now with Antamedia you’re covered in every direction. Here’s why:

Few business models offer such easy entry, coupled with practical, almost unlimited, expansion. You can even grow into your local customer’s regular Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Antamedia’s Hotspot can control almost unlimited connections across different locations. This means your hotspot empire can spread across town, into other cities, even across national borders, all powered by Antamedia and owned outright by you.

Shared connections

You can start as a single operator with minimal outlay, running the business yourself. It’s an easy life; you just keep an eye on things as your customers mostly serve themselves. This is made extra easy because as your business grows you don’t even need to be there!

Here are some example business models you create with this software:

• Serve Walk-in (Laptop/Netbook) Customers in Your Cyber Cafe
• Your own Online-Gaming Cafe
• Offer WiFi Services in Your Hotel, Coffee Shop, Restaurant
• Create Paid Hotspot for Extra Revenue from your Existing Business
• Free WiFi HotSpot for Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention
• OEM branding available; become a reseller of Hotspot software!
• Become an Internet Service Provider!

Everything you need is at your fingertips with Antamedia’s control panel, which you can access remotely as your business grows. As you can see below it’s designed for business, not geeks.

Easy and simple tabbed layout ensures you’re never stuck


With Easy Staff Management

If your business is bigger, or as it expands, you’ll appreciate the employee login system’s differing levels of control. Depending on the seniority of staff you can give them anywhere from almost complete control (Administrator), enough to run the business (Manager) or just the ability to generate new customer accounts while you’re away (Operator).

Everything your customers or staff do is logged, so you’re never out of the loop.


Controlled By You

You’re further covered for future growth, because Antamedia Hotspot is hardware independent, so you’re not locked into any one system and won’t be caught flat footed as technology advances.

Shared connections

Hotspot will share your internet connection amongst your customers, meaning all Internet activity can be channeled through a single and easily controlled gateway.


Complete Bandwidth Management

Your software has our famous bandwidth management system integrated directly into the design. This makes it simple to assign both the speed of data transfer and volume (bandwidth) of connections allowed for different types of account. Despite its advanced abilities this bandwidth management feature requires no additional hardware.

That means you could spread your resources wide and evenly, or create different account levels. For example, slow speed and free for normal customers, high speed for paid users, or perhaps different levels of account for your staff, hotel guests and members of the general public in your restaurant.

Hotspot also gives you “time templates” for different accounts, so for example you could give hospital patients 24 hour access but restrict guests to visiting hours only. What all this means is however you decide to allocate capital for speed, bandwidth and equipment to suit your unique business, you’ll never be tied in, tied down or faced with unexpected bandwidth costs. That’s good to know.

You’ll also be pleased to know Hotspot is designed to easily integrate with any 3rd party software you may be running now or later, such as your own accounts system, your hotel booking software etc.


Legal And Safe

Your customers and government laws are becoming sensitive to online security, while everyone needs to protect children. Once again, Antamedia has you covered!

Customers are reassured by the integrated HTTPS server software (the ‘S’ for ‘secure’ is the important bit). They can purchase surfing credit and conduct business on your premises, with confidence that nobody can steal their login or financial data. In fact today’s customers demand such security and so should you.

Children safety

We also understand that not every business can enforce a ‘No Children’ policy, especially when wireless. To avoid guests or children being subjected to the darker side of the Internet, you can block and/or redirect to safer sites, by both URL and keyword.

If you should find someone has misbehaved via your hotspot and you need to answer to the authorities because of local disclosure laws, full and comprehensive logging is provided. This covers log date, time, user name, IP and MAC address, along with the URLs visited, with a print-out. That means you can simply provide the information demanded and just get on with your own business. Talking of which:


Minding Your Business

As well as the complete logging mentioned earlier, your own mini information superhighway is available via detailed statistics, available in both chart and table view.

Hotspot tracks sales and details on usage, all updated in real time. That kind of information makes it easy to spot potential growth areas or to side step potential problems.

As an option, you can register customer information such as name and email. By building up a large mailing list many opportunities for follow-on sales and services become available. Again statistics are available, down to the individual customer.


Made Easy With Hi-Tech

If you’re new to all this, don’t worry as a full setup wizard ensures everything goes smoothly.

Already running hotspots? No hardware upgrades or changes are needed to take advantage of the power of Antamedia;
a standard PC with two inexpensive network cards is all you need.

Need a language other than English? A built-in editor makes it easy to change text to the language (and currency) of your choice, while 14 are already installed and available with a click of your mouse.


Just Some of Hotspot’s Features:

All these features and more are explained in our downloadable brochure.

Setup Wizard
Large Number of Simultaneous Connections
Employee Accounts, admin, manager and operator
Download and Upload Rate Control (Traffic Shaping Management)
Bandwidth Quota Control (Traffic Quota Management)
Multiple Location Support
NAT (Network Address Translation)
Accepts Credit Cards
Language Editor
Secure Login or Autologin
Optional Free Login
Customer Data Collection
HotSpot Activity Log
Statistics Available in Chart and Table View
Usage Scheduling
IP and Port Filtering
Block or redirect by Website or URL Keywords
SMTP Roaming
URL Filtering
URL Tracking
Host Whitelist
MAC and IP Whitelist
Automatic E-mail Notifications


It’s All Yours – Perpetual License And Highly Brandable

Many professional-grade software packages either advertise themselves to your customers or demand high fees to remove their branding. Antamedia takes a different approach.

Antamedia Hotspot comes as a complete purchase; no maintenance, franchise or ongoing license fees means you keep all your revenue, but with your branding and identity!


At every customer contact point we have made it easy for you to brand the system as your own. Here are some examples:

• A variety of pre-built easy to use themes
• Pre-made editable email templates
• Customized pages, such as your own start page
• Login and logout keywords can be edited to reflect your brand
• Customizable Print Templates for Tickets, Bills and Reports
• Custom Welcome Message

With minimum effort or technical know-how you can create your own brand or perfectly integrate Hotspot with your current brand identity. Your business could grow much larger than a single hotspot or Internet cafe so it makes sense to start your own WiFi business properly, rather than borrowing someone else’s!


And Exceptional Value!

Antamedia HotSpot is licensed per location you will be issuing accounts from. If you’re happy to keep everything central you just need a single license, at only $199.

The built-in database server means you do not have to purchase or lease any external database software such as SQL or Oracle, saving you even more and making it easier to expand in the future. Hotspot will integrate with any existing software, so no re-training costs either.

The setup wizard and detailed manual get you started and as the hardware is so cheap now, why not make a start today? We don’t pretend Antamedia Hotspot is “free” but we are confident it is the best value and there’s no charge for expert technical support.

Antamedia HotSpot is everything you need in terms of software, to easily offer your customers or guests secure, professional WiFi hotspots, branded with your company’s identity.

It takes less than 10 minutes to download and start exploring the Windows interface. Without registration or jumping through hoops, download right now and see for yourself how easy and flexible your new business is!

Click the link to download now:

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