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Antamedia HotSpot is the first choice of professionals, with 3X more global users than our nearest competitor.

From being easy to set up with the friendly Windows control panel, to the option to develop into a full ISP for regular local clients, Antamedia ISP Billing Bundle has you covered. At every point of customer contact it shows your brand, not ours. No ongoing leasing or costs means you effectively own it, keeping 100% of your profit, plus you’re not reliant upon an external web-based service.

Everything you need is at your fingertips with Antamedia’s control panel, which you can access remotely as your business grows. As you can see below it’s designed for business, not geeks.

Easy and simple tabbed layout ensures you’re never stuck

In short, you keep it on your own hard drive, you keep your own profits and you keep your own branding. No compromises.

Hands Free And Scalable At Your Own Pace

Antamedia’s ISP Billing Bundle can control almost unlimited connections across different locations. This means your Internet Service Provider (ISP) empire can spread across town, into other cities, even across national borders, all powered by Antamedia and owned outright by you.

Shared connections

You can start as a single operator with minimal outlay, running the business yourself. It’s an easy life; you just keep an eye on things as your customers mostly serve themselves. This is made extra easy because as your business grows you don’t even need to be there!

Controlled By You

You’re further covered for future growth, because Antamedia Hotspot is hardware independent, so you’re not locked into any one system and won’t be caught flat footed as technology advances.

Shared connections

Hotspot will share your internet connection amongst your customers, meaning all Internet activity can be channeled through a single and easily controlled gateway.

Complete Bandwidth Management

Antamedia HotSpot software comes with bandwidth management system integrated directly into the design. This makes it simple to assign both the speed of data transfer (download and upload) and quota (bandwidth) of connections allowed for different types of account. You can even configure daily bandwidth quota for each user separately. Despite its advanced abilities this bandwidth management feature requires no additional hardware.

Just Some of Hotspot’s Features:

All these features and more are explained in our downloadable brochure.

Setup Wizard
Large Number of Simultaneous Connections
Employee Accounts, admin, manager and operator
Download and Upload Rate Control (Traffic Shaping Management)
Bandwidth Quota Control (Traffic Quota Management)
Multiple Location Support
NAT (Network Address Translation)
Accepts Credit Cards
Language Editor
Secure Login or Autologin
Optional Free Login
Customer Data Collection
HotSpot Activity Log
Statistics Available in Chart and Table View
Usage Scheduling
IP and Port Filtering
Block or redirect by Website or URL Keywords
SMTP Roaming
URL Filtering
URL Tracking
Host Whitelist
MAC and IP Whitelist
Automatic E-mail Notifications

Remember, there are virtually no limits to your number of connections, no ongoing license or leasing fees and you’re keeping 100% of the profits! A live Antamedia ISP Billing installation works on a standard Windows PC, requiring only an extra network card.

Antamedia ISP Billing Software Bundle consist of:

Antamedia HotSpot Enterprise Edition – Unlimited concurrent customer connections
Credit Card Billing Module – support for more than 70 credit card payment gateways
Additional Operator license for front desk or remote office. It will help you to generate, modify, refill or delete accounts from a remote computer

If you wish to keep your ISP (WISP) empire inter-connected and centralized, you need only a single license, currently available as a once-only $799.00 USD.

We don’t pretend Antamedia HotSpot is “free” but we are confident it is the best value and there’s no charge for expert technical support.

Antamedia ISP Billing Bundle helps you easily run and manage your ISP – WISP, backed-up with professional features and branded with your company’s identity.

Download right now and see for yourself why more I.T. professionals choose Antamedia:

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