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Stop wasting your time and Internet resources!

Antamedia HotSpot billing software provides you full control over your brand new or already available hotspot network. HotSpot software helps you in establishing your hotspot locations network into one centralized customer accounts database and gives you an ability to be a leader in providing bigger area WiFi access than you would ever even dare to think. No matter area size which you will cover, HotSpot software provides you full management solution with everything required for your hotspot services control and billing.

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What is it?

Antamedia HotSpot software is Windows-based software for WiFi Hotspot billing. Captive portal technology provides you full control of time and bandwidth usage of your Internet resources, from both wired and wireless computers in the network and without any client software installations.

Required hardware

Antamedia HotSpot software does not have any hardware limitations and you can easily create instant “Hot Spot” with your own access points, routers and switches – all hardware is supported. It’s a pure software solution that runs on Windows OS. To create your HotSpot, you will need a PC with two network cards, Internet connection, and hardware that will connect your customers to the HotSpot. It can be wired or wireless network, access points of different speed, fiber or satellite links, the choice is yours.

Where can you use HotSpot software?

HotSpot software is suitable for all purposes where customers should get fast system login without client software installation. Controlling and billing are done by using captive portal technology and this is suitable for ISPs, WISPs, Hotspots, Airports, Hotels, Internet and Cyber cafes.

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How does it work?

Once your customers are in WiFi HotSpot range, they will need to scan the network for finding your network and then connect. At this point, a customer is connected to your WiFI and is able to type certain URL in a browser. However, before they get access to Internet they will be automatically redirected for the authorization to HotSpot login page. If customers still doesn’t have an account, Sign Up link on the HotSpot login page will help customer to make a payment.

Credit Card support

HotSpot billing software does not require an operator since you can accept payments in Credit Cards. Your customer can sign up for a username and password and pay for selected plan that includes bandwidth quota and appropriate download and upload rates. Supported are over 70 major payment gateways including PayPal, Authorize, Net, Verisign etc.

Account properties

Software provides you an ability to set different type of access accounts. Accounts are flexible with huge amount of options, including: time and bandwidth configuration (limited, unlimited or daily dependent), usage schedule depending on daytime, expiration, number of logins etc.

Pricing Plans

From the pricing plan setup you are able to configure every aspect of the customer account. Starting with the price for specified interval of time, expiration date and description for pricing plan. Bandwidth upload and download represent account speed limit for internet connection and it`s represented in Kb/s. Bandwidth quota limitation is configured in Mbytes and represents the total amount of available traffic. Beside those basic information required for the creation of the pricing plan, you can set limitation based on daily time and bandwidth quota usage.

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All information about your and the actions of your employees are available from the Statistics. From the statistical reports and action log you can get all the information about bills and changes using hotspot software. From login and logout actions, including account creation and modifications, to the deleting of the accounts. Of course, there is also filter engine for faster search. It makes you able to filter database by date, actions, computer IP or MAC address and username.

E-mail notification

Most important function of the e-mail notification is to provide customer payment receipt. It also will help you in informing your customers about the state of time and quota left on the account and expire date. If you prefer, this option can provide you to be in touch with the customers, send them periodical newsletters about activities and promo actions.

Antamedia WiFi billing solution provides you a variety of HotSpot software features that will help you control, improve your business and increase your revenue.
Find out how easy to setup your own Free WiFi HotSpot using Antamedia HotSpot software.

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