Free WiFi Hotspot

Allowing your guests or customers to use your WiFi hotspot for free doesn’t mean having to settle for second rate software or losing control of your resources. Antamedia’s popular WiFi software, HotSpot, is just as powerful at creating, issuing and controlling free accounts, as paid ones. For example you can still create various different levels of account, or even mix free with higher level paid accounts. Complete customization is still available, including the handy scheduling system. With this you can configure daily or session time limits, such as the number of daily logins, number of simultaneous logins with aggregation, usage schedule (happy hour, nighttime, daytime, weekends…) If you’re not sure if you should go for paid or free, see Why offer free WiFi.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management

If anything, free access requires bandwidth quota limits more than paid access does, as free users have no incentive to restrict themselves. With Hotspot it remains very easy to offer paid Internet access with higher speeds, bandwidth quota or unlimited access, while still offering restricted free access. free wifi Hotspot intelligently distributes available speed and bandwidth amongst your users, taking into account their account level. You just decide what the accounts can have, leaving the software to work it out for you.

How Free Hotspot Works

HotSpot WiFi software is based on captive portal gateway technology, which protects, monitors and limits use of your Internet resources. It is installed on your own computer, without relying on an external service provider. Wired and wireless users that connect to your network are automatically transferred to your Hotspot login page after entering any URL address into the browser. They can also return to this screen by typing a keyword of your choice (such as your brand name, or just the word “login” for example). This login screen is an ideal place to feature your promotions, or even third party advertising.

White Listing and Keywords

If you wish to provide totally free access to Internet resources, without time, bandwidth upload and download quotas, you can do this by adding a specific computer MAC or IP address to your “white list”. White listed computers will not get the login authorization page. This setup is suitable for providing back office computers which should have free access without any limitation or for providing Internet access for people such as campus students or hotel guests only. HotSpot also gives you the ability to set a keyword which will allow your customers free limited access to the WiFi HotSpot. You choose the keyword and specify the number of logins, the time period in which a customer will be able to use it for free and also their bandwidth upload/download quota. If any of this sounds complicated, don’t worry, as it’s all push-button simple with Hotspot’s simple control panel!


Hotspot is not hardware specific and works with any conventional Windows computer. All you need is an extra network card, as the installation computer acts as the gateway to the Internet. Any standard router and access setpoint will work fine and we don’t recommend specific makes or models, as most of them seem reliable today, even the really cheap ones. Far more important than the hardware is the software, as that is what you or your employees will be dealing with. The quality, ease of use and reliability of WiFi software can vary considerably. If you’re going to offer WiFi, free or paid, don’t settle for less than the best. You certainly don’t have to pay more than our affordable licensing, and why should you, when you can have Antamedia’s Hotspot today? Yes, there’s a free trial available, click the link below to download:

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