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Download and upload rate is configured for each user account separately and it represents speed of customer connection to the Internet. You can sell high rate accounts for additional fee or save more bandwidth for VIP customers.
Example: set 10 KB/s for regular accounts and 100 KB/s for special accounts

Bandwidth quota is configured for every account and it represents total amount of traffic available to customer. Example: Customer can download 100 MB daily, 5 GB monthly or combination of these, with option to order additional bandwidth.

Each page displayed in customer browser can be customized to fit your corporate layout. You can put your company logo, change colors etc.

HotSpot login can be switched to secure mode login through HTTPS server, included in the package. We provide standard generic SSL certificate, and you can additionally purchase your own certificate in order to eliminate browser warnings. Secure mode can be used for login, password change, data collecting, while credit card payments always goes through secure mode.

Customer can automatically logout by typing LogMeOut in browser address bar, or get info page by typing ShowMeInfo. These keywords require NetBios option enabled in customer Internet connection.

Every employee has his own account which is used for HotSpot login. Employee activity is logged with the time and type of action performed. There are different employee types like Administrator, Manager, Operator and each has access to different areas of software. Manager can see statistics and modify accounts, but can’t modify HotSpot main settings.

Connect all your hotspots in one network and use the same database. Your customers will be able to use their remaining time on any of the hotspot locations. For example, WISP can use multiple Internet lines in different parts of the city and connect all hotspots in one network and one database.

Modify existing print templates or create totally new templates that match your business identity.

HotSpot logs different actions performed by employees or customers, including sales, session start and stop, time of login attempts etc.

Easily generate accounts, get a list of price plans, and perform various other actions from your own or third-party software. Integration is done as a HTTP GET query and XML response which offer very short integration time.

Easily configure most important options. Wizard will help you to share your Internet connection using HotSpot NAT feature, instruct you how to configure computers in your network, personalize your HotSpot so you can start providing service immediately.

There are plenty of languages included in HotSpot software. Any of these can be adjusted to your own needs through integrated editor. Some of included languages are: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Serbian, Arabic, Russian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Croatian, German, Polish…

Graphical representation of customer download and upload activity. Includes values for maximum users online, maximum download and upload and date when it was recorded.

Price plan is a preset of values which are assigned when you generate or refill accounts. Price plan defines price which customer should pay for specified time usage, data transferred, download and upload rate, but may also define the expiration date, daily limits etc. When you generate user accounts, tickets and refills, the values defined by price plan are stored in database for each account.

Multilogin option allows more than one user (computer) to login with the same account. The users sharing one account also share the total download and upload rate.

Limit an account so it can login only from one computer. If MAC address does not exist yet, it will be stored in the first login. From that moment, a customer has to use the same computer.

Disable access and sharing among the clients. This option will prevent visibily of the server computer and also restrict any activity or abuse from the clients.

Allow a customer to login again if the account is already in use. The previous session will be logged out and a customer asked to login again (it can help when the connection is not stable and a customer is trying to connect while getting different IP addresses).

Clears IP addresses which are in use by customer computers. It is useful when you have to restart HotSpot software.

Antamedia HotSpot allows you to customize a message that appears on welcome screen after customer login. It can be configured to show: special offer, new terms, some event, expiration date is close.

Antamedia WiFi HotSpot software helps you to create free or paid WiFi HotSpot. Advantage of our solution is very high customization of user accounts which allows creating limited or unlimited accounts. Among classic features like time and bandwidth quota limits, you can configure daily time limit, number of daily logins, number of simultaneous logins with aggregation, usage schedule, which is very practical when offering free WiFi Internet.

If there is some king of abuse from the customers, you can block desired devices from accessing your network.

Antamedia HotSpot offers different templates for accounts, refills and receipt printing. Tickets can be printed when needed, for example on help hesk, or in advance, for example 100 tickets printed and distributed to various sales locations. Tickets can expire from first use, and optionally expire specified number of days from the last customer login.

Discount feature helps you to offer the discounts when there is a need for it. You can offer a discount to your regular customers, for buying 10 tickets in advance, for daily promotions or similar reasons.


After registering HotSpot software you can configure number of simultaneous connections. Demo version limits this number to 3, along with restart time restrictions

HotSpot optionally uses NAT to share Internet connection to your network. This allows you to share one Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, wireless…) to all your customers.

Real time statistics and usage reports provides time usage, bandwidth, logins and sale reports in chart and table view. Check account download, number of logins during the day, top customers by time usage etc.

Easy change of HotSpot theme displayed in customer browser. You can create your own themes using white-label themes included with software, and include your own graphics and functionality.

Enable specified computers (identified by MAC or IP address of network card) to pass-through the HotSpot gateway without authentification. For example: allow some computers to use your services without time and quota control. Other computers, like WiFi Laptops will still be redirected for login page.

Customize message which appears on welcome screen after customer login. Show warning message that account is about to expire if time and quota are below defined limits or expiration date is near. Customer will be informed when it’s time to top-up account or make monthly payment.

Send e-mail messages to your customers to remind them about account expiration, send payment receipt, newsletter or service maintenance. HotSpot includes default E-mail templates which you can edit or you can create new templates.

Customer can browse specified host sites without authentification. You can allow browsing of company website with advertisement free of charge. If customers wants to find out more, login will be required.

Configure automatic redirecting after sucessful customer log-in.

Configure different day / time templates when customers are able to use your services. For example, some customers can login from 8AM to 8PM, while others can login on weekends. Predefined usage scheduling templates are included.

Force customer to enter personal data after login (like name, address, e-mail, etc.). After submitting, customer will get Internet access. You can use customers data, for your own records or for marketing purposes.

Specify IP and port blocking rules for outgoing traffic. Option can be used to limit only specific services, like limit ftp or email usage, or to disable complete access to IP range. For example disable IP addresses to and port range 10-100.

Disable access to desired host IPs, and redirect them to any other IP and port. For example, redirect all blocked websites to your website homepage.

Redirect all customer E-mails through your own SMTP server. This option solves problem when ISP blocks default SMTP port, as you can redirect all E-mail traffic to your SMTP server running on different port. Entire process is transparent and customer can use any email client software without having to change smtp server.

Block access to web sites that contains specified keywords in url address. You can prevent access to porn, warez etc.

Log URL addresses that customers visit along with their username, IP, MAC and date and time when page was visited.

Auto login feature automates login process. After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password. This significantly improves ease of use and customer satisfaction. Autologin can be used for selected accounts or to automate login for VOIP phones through HotSpot.

Specify keywords which redirect customer browser to other URL. For example, when customer enters competition brand name, browser will be redirected to your website. In addition, customer can modify default keywords for logout (LogMeOut ) and info page (ShowMeInfo).

Automated payment process where customer choose username, password, pricing plan and pay with credit card. Account is created and customer can browse the Internet. You will not need staff to sell tickets. HotSpot supports over 50 Major Internet Payment Gateways including PayPal. License can be purchased separately for any edition.

Remotely manage, generate accounts and get real time statistics and reports from any computer.
• Operator mode for a quick 1-2-3 user account creation.
• Admin mode provides stats and reports to the owners.
License can be purchased separately for any edition


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