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Antamedia HotSpot software is a Windows PC software for WiFi Hotspot billing software. It helps you to control time and bandwidth usage and limit download and upload without any client software installation. Customers are redirected to the login page to enter valid username and password before getting Internet access. HotSpot software includes billing, statistics and reporting module and it is a complete solution for ISP, WISP, Hotspot, Airport Internet, Hotel WiFi, Cyber cafe and other public locations. It is hardware independent and will simply and quickly integrate in your existing network.

HotSpot Software – WiFi Hotspot Billing, Download and Order

Antamedia WIFI HotSpot software can be used for apartment Internet service control, WIFI billing control, Hot-Spot Billing, Wifi point, Wireless ADSL hot spot, HotSpot timecode, ADSL hotspot, HotSpot Ticket, Hotel, Service Apartment, HotSpot in Lobby, WiFi internet access point, Wifi Garden, Wifi in University, DSL WIFI router hotspot, DSL hotspot, HDSL hotspot billing.

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